June 20, 2013

Write and write

My last days have filled with writing and writing. I have been learning and hearing that writing is a good form of therapy just like reading is. And I’ve been reading and writing a lot lately...

I’ve been writing for over 4 years now. I’ve been writing diaries and fictional stories. I’ve been writing both Finnish (like the picture above) and in English. My oldest writings have been my diary entries but my oldest fictional writings have been for over three years and nine months now in progress. It is already 267 full A4 pages long. I first wrote it in English but then I started to turn it into Finnish for the sake of if I’m ever going to publish anything it needs to be in Finnish first because I would be going for the Finnish translation agencies and from there maybe more. This is still hoping, of course...

I have been having to think about to find out what is my thing. I have become to a conclusion that writing and other artistic things (like drawing and painting) will decrease the bad feelings I’m feeling time to time. By doing them so I can cut down the excess of the bad feelings and concentrate on writing and on to the good things.

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