September 4, 2013

Spoiling Ourselves & Waiting for the Autumn

Today we decided to spoil ourselves and gather ourselves a cheese plate. We went to buy the cheeses and stood a long time there trying to pick the good ones. A few we already knew what we would get but this time we wanted to get some new cheeses than the last time. Camembert like cheese was new to me – I’ve never liked blue cheese in any way but now I had to try. One cheese we always take is Brandy & Nut Cheese. After getting all of the cheeses we headed to get some red wine which would suit with the cheeses.

After we got home we arranged the cheeses on a big plate with grapes and biscuits and went to the balcony to enjoy them:

As the day started to set we lighted up the candle as the sun was setting and watched it flame flickering in the wind:

Today was a very good and relaxed day. I really like days like these. We are on the edge of Autumn and these days when you can still sit in the balcony, are precious. I like Autumn but I still wish not to see any yellow, orange or red leaves on the trees yet – I like the trees to be summer green as long as possible although I love the Autumn trees full of color and all. But I’m still living summer as long as I can – I’m not ready for Autumn yet for it means darker nights and shorter days. But then again, I will put on a candle... Maybe I’m more ready for the Autumn than I really am aware of... 

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