November 24, 2013

Movie Night & Cats

Yesterday my mom had a gig to go to – she went so see Jenni Vartiainen for an early birthday present for herself. Which meant that I had a movie night!

After my mom had left I put chili nuts and drinks on the table. First I had decided to watch “The Simpsons Movie” and after that “Due Date”. Then I just sank to the sofa and started to watch the movies.

And also this time, I had movie company:

I remember how advertised “The Simpsons Movie” was and I was supposed to go to see it on the movie theater, but I never did. I don’t remember did I rented it or did I waited to see it from the TV, but anyhow it was very funny when I saw it. I laughed out loud. I have seen that movie for a couple of times but it still is as funny as the first time I saw it.

After that I watched “Due Date”. This is one of those funny movies I have seen many, many times but which I can watch for many, many times again and still laugh.

This movie night was great. These two movies were just what I had needed – plain humor. I was on my own again, but it is on my mind to arrange a movie night with friends sometime.

p.s. More cats:

p.p.s: Look at this gorgeous sunset:

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