November 1, 2013

Style Inspiration: Different Hairstyles & Colors

This entry will start my “Style Inspiration” posts about fashion genres which I love and from which I try to take influences. This first “Style Inspiration” post isn’t yet about fashion, but my other style inspiration (and obsession); hair.

The title says this post is about hairstyles and colors but this is mainly about the colors, because I like to keep my hair very casual – which recaps the hairstyles I like in this post; straight, curled and braided.


As far as I can remember, I have always wanted a red hair – since I was a child. I had to wait for it until I was 16, and then the color was very dark red. After that period of time, I finally got it really red!

Here’s some delicious redheads:

If I wouldn’t have a red hair, also what have interested me is black and white hair – the other side completely white and the other completely black, right on the middle of my fringe. But I have understood that it takes a lot of work (too much work) to keep it up so I might just fantasize about it...

This hair I don’t particularly desire to myself but I always love watching photos of rainbow hairs – they are so inspiring to watch and to see someone putting that much effort to get a rainbow hair is simply awesome!

So there you go – hair dyes which inspires me and hopefully also you. The next “Style Inspiration” posts will be about style and fashion, first up “Victorian Era”.

If you could have any kind of hair, what would it be?

By the way, this is my 100th blog entry!! Yay!

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