January 28, 2014

22 Years and Not Stopping

So, yesterday was my birthday and I turned 22-years-old. I had been very – what’s the word… nervous about turning 22. It felt so old – I would not be 18, 20 or even 21 but actually 22. It’s towards 25 which is a cornerstone for me so that I would have done something significant with my life by then...

Yesterday I slept late and took a long, hot shower. We had thought about to go to eat outside but it is rather painful and difficult task trying to find vegan or vegetarian places for a reasonable prices – and when I finally find some place which serves tofu, I can not pay 13 euros for a piece of tofu when I can get a block of tofu from a store for half a price! AND almost every side dish was cooked in duck fat (
what the f..?) and cost from 2 to 6 euros - and it's not that I can't afford it, but it is all for principle. But that's that... So, in the end we decided to get our reliable hot sandwiches from a café downtown and go home to eat them with a glass of wine.

I really didn’t expect it but my mom got me a beautiful, big, white rose for my birthday (is it becoming a tradition already?) – but this time it was with a crystal and glitter:

I didn’t expect anything from anyone but my dad gave me money so I can buy a new cellphone (because my phone is antique by now, no internet, no nothing) and my mom got me this beautiful skirt: 

On this birthday I didn’t bake a whole cake, but I baked “mokkapaloja” (mocha bites?) which is kind of Finnish chocolate brownies (but not as sweet, heavy or greasy as the traditional brownies), where the topping is made of cocoa powder, coffee, powdered sugar and vegan margarine (for I like to keep all of my baked goods vegan). Just google it, for God's sake! ;)

About my age now... I tend to compare my age to how the people of the Victorian Era saw it; a lady would be a spinster if not dutifully married by the time she reached 25 years of age. Luckily I haven't even realized that I'm 22-year-old now, so it's not that big of a shock. Oh well... Maybe I become more accustomed to it in the coming days. At least, I don’t seem to stress about it as much as I did before my actual birthday. Now I seem just okay with it...

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