January 8, 2014

More Space to Write On...

The modern age has made writing so much easier and faster with all of these computers around us. Oh, well, it is easy to write by hand but not so fast. Still I sometimes savour the moment when I’m writing my thoughts on an actual paper by hand.

Which was left off from my Christmas post was that I had bought an early Christmas present for myself; notebooks! They caught my eye right when I saw them and I felt like moth into to the flame and I had to buy them.

The color pink first confused me a little bit, and I think the notebook would have looked way better with red wine coloured pages, but I thought that sometimes it’s nice to have a little spark of color in between all of my black and white things...

I still have been saving them for something “special” – I kind of have an idea on what to write to the actual tinier, pink paged notebook, and the other, black one, is actually for kitchen notes. Which is awesome, so now I can write all of my recipes down on paper, instead of opening my computer every time I need to make vegan scones or vegetable lasagna.

I also remembered I have my ink pen in my vitrine. My mom has gave it to me, and I have been saving it, but now when I have these beautiful notebooks, why should I anymore? 

I also got a beautiful purple quill pen and a calligraphy pen and ink from my friend as a Christmas present... 

Now it is time to write!

p.s. I have talk a little bit about digital writing also. I have written my “book” project lately; I translated a bit over eight pages today and have now written 268 A4 sized pages. I can’t wait to finish my project!

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