January 25, 2014

Seeing The World Through A Lens PART 4

Another photographing post right after another... Maybe because the previous one wasn’t that much of a photographical when talking about of the amount of different photos. On last Tuesday I was again in a hurry to leave to the bus stop so I can get on time for my singing lesson, but I had looked from the window how beautifully snowy everything was and fret that again I don’t have the time to go outside to photograph.

But! After the singing lesson it was still so light, I could go outside to photograph. I got my camera and went outside (I first went outside without my gloves, and thought it would be okay, but no it was not!)

I was photographing for over half an hour, and this is the result that I got:

When I finally got back home, my toes and fingers were absolutely freezing! Hopefully I put on my socks right after I got in and I felt much warmer...

It felt good to get some winter pictures in my photo collection, for I have plenty of summer and any other season pictures but winter...

By the way, I was not the only chilly one around here:

Lara has been a fan of our star-patterned blanket from since when we bought it. It was supposed to be ours but she claimed to herself only.

The rest of the evening (which is quite short after these few classes) went well, while I was trying to warm up my toes and fingers again... We got our music theory books on last Tuesday so I have been trying to study the music theory from then more than ever, so I would be ready for the big text at the end of the class...

There’s nothing wrong when there’s something nice to do, just like photographing and studying music theory and singing. I just enjoy the Tuesdays...

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