April 25, 2014

More Ideas to Write About

I have started to have ideas to write about from my dreams... Between the strange dreams and nightmares there’s sometimes true gems – at least it feels that way to me. They give me ideas and the rest is up to me.

Usually when I wake up, a simplest idea (for example a black lace mask in one of my dreams) gives me a new idea to write about and that simple thing in my dream started to create ideas and a plot and characters like a tree creates branches. After that dream with the lace mask, I was talking with my mom about something I can’t remember anymore, for my mind was creating and I was anxious to go and write everything down. It doesn’t matter where I write my ideas; to paper, to computer, to my phone – I just need to write the idea down so it won’t flee out of my mind.

My ideas do flee my mind – sometimes forever. If I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea in my head but do not write it down immediately, I most likely won’t remember it when I next time wake up in the morning. That frustrates me so much! But I try to calm myself with that it may have not been that good idea after all, otherwise I would remember it. But the knowledge about missing something maybe really valuable idea still smothers on the back of my mind. I may remember tiny parts of the main idea, but that is not enough to bring the whole idea back... But then I move on.

Today I got yet another idea to write about when I was just laying in my bed letting my ideas take flight... It might be an idea for a children’s book, or at least it feels like it at the moment. If the idea catches on it will be a lavishly illustrated book with lots of ravens... We will see.

I love when the certain parts of the book starts to come in my head, characters, their names, happenings and the lines every character would say. It’s like seeing a movie inside my head. The happenings most likely hit me before the very sentence which starts the whole book. I’m waiting that one sentence, turning the possible sentences in my head back and forth seeing will any of them be the one. Until one comes to my mind and that is it. To me that is the whole key that unlocks the door to the whole new project once and for all. Then the most interesting part of the journey begins; will I ever get to the end of it all or will it be an unfinished tale untold?

This is currently one of my favorite necklaces at the moment. The metal pieces remind me of the type bars of an old typewriter, which I love. My mom found this necklace from a second hand shop but I have been using it. I feel it brings me good luck...

The idea I got today is still so fresh, so I couldn’t have work on that much yet. I like to savour the whole idea before writing anything specific down... I hope this will start a new tale to tell. Fingers crossed.

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