February 1, 2012

Project Bleaching PART 2

I ended up doing this bleaching thing in a hurry because my birthday party is coming closer. I’ve been having so, so much stress and the first bleaching took so much more time and money I thought.

This time it was “only” the roots. This has taken much more time I expected but necessary evil if wanting bright red hair...

It was way over a year since my last bleach and I felt kind of relieved to wash it away just because I knew I had done this, for it had been on my list for so very long time and now I could cross it over. I had decided that whatever the final result would be I would not bleach more than two times.

I got my hair from “red” peroxide hell back to point zero ready for red colour again. I have never had blonde roots, but I guess it’s a good thing for the more lighter the base is the more brighter the final colour will be. And I have no choice but to dye it tomorrow if I’m going to make it before the party.
If you want a bright colored hair it needs quite a lot of work and even I know it can sometimes be very frustrating it is more than worth it in the end...

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