February 3, 2012

Red hair AGAIN!

Actually, before even got the three packages of bleach, what was staring me when I opened the closet door was a package of red dye. It has been months since my hair was red. The ammonia red wasn’t really what I really liked to call a red. So having REALLY red hair again after a long time feels amazing to say the least.

Oh me? I’m just dyeing my hair – not slaughtering anyone. :D

I love semi-permanent hair dye because it’s doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide - It also smells a lot yummier making me wonder if it tastes as good as it smells, heh. The fact that I would have my birthday party next day made me be even more precise what came to dyeing my hair. That time in the bathroom is my own time and like baking it kind of relaxes me but this time it wasn’t really that enjoyable for I had to look at the clock. And leaving everything in the last minute I had to bake a cake for tomorrow too. And it was already very late to do neither of these tasks but what can you do?

Job well done, hair dye finally covering every inch of every hair...

I was so ecstatic of having red hair again that I just stared at my hair and after it I found myself holding locks of hair between my fingers, just looking how bright red they were and in front of the mirror looking at my hair.

Success and satisfaction.  If hair is red even it’s washed and still wet, to me it’s always a good sign.

(I hope all people know that when you cut the package in half you can get a huge amount of what ever it’s containing. No matter how well you squeeze the contents out, you can never get all of it. And if you’re financial like me, you will make sure you’ll get every drop of hair dye you’ve paid for.)

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