February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

It’s Valentines Day!! Ok… No. There’s no overly romantic post to come... I fact I spent my Valentine’s Day with my ladies. I am damn single all the damn time. Always have been – unfortunately. So there will be no princess of a unicorn under my balcony. Thank you.
What do I do then? Whine about it in every internet media I could find? HA! No... I accept it and pour more booze in the drink.

Anyhoo, that was the wannabe-sarcastic thing about this in my head but this is just another holiday for me. Eating well and drinking well... No time for clichés or anything, no reason or logic for cheesy “I love you too” blabbing. I do, however, post greetings with “<3” on internet and to my friend’s telling they are important. This is more like a friendly thing to me. I do hope it won’t change if I some day find someone. I don’t want to swim in syrup.

So spending the Valentines Day just between us girls included good food, good dessert and good puch.. In other words;
red wine, vegetable lasagna, waffles with raspberry jam and (vegan) whipped cream and pink raspberry punch.

So starting with eating well, we made vegetable lasagna. I’ve got an obsession about vegetable lasagna. Unfortunately it only last in this house not more than two days (or rather one and a half).

Getting everything ready and during that short moment we turned our backs, Siru had got herself into the lasagna dish. I bet she felt so overly comfortable in it we would have not got the dish back for the rest of the night, but knowing cats you can always trade the bowl to another. 

And that suited her better, like it was made for a cat. Perfect. (no worries we didn’t make the lasagna to the dish before cleaning it thoroughly – 100% free of cat hair and everything else!)


For dessert there was heart shaped waffles with raspberry jam and vegan whipped cream. I had been absolutely craving for waffles I had to make them and this vegan whipped cream was a new thing and I wanted to test it out, and what better way than make delicious waffles?

One of the most important things in every holiday or anything holiday-ish seems to be drrrinks (people find million reason to drink but holidays give them a million more). On Valentines Day it’s got to be pretty and pink: raspberry punch – with lovely raspberries and, oh what the hell...alcohol, or course. I had tried to look over the internet to make a GOOD raspberry punch, not overly-boozed up juice. Many punches seemed to have raspberry liqueur and other alcohol like white wine, sider etc. in it ON TOP of vodka. And I was looking for something a little more cost-effective but still very tasty and effective – It sucks if punch is overly sweet (yuck!) or too juice-like children’s party dishwater. And after wading through those liqueur versions and non-alcoholic baby shower shit I came to the conclusion that adding “raspberry-thing” this and “something-else” that and booze and tasting it every once and a while would work just fine. And it did! When adding frozen raspberries lastly, they coloured the punch and kept it chilled. Very, very nice...

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