February 4, 2012

"We gonna party like it's your birthday...”

Well it’s not my “official” birthday anymore, although my B-Day par-tay were!

I had been so extremely stressed about this days before and while losing my good night sleep over this I was actually afraid whether I’m going to snap – but in the end I didn’t explode all over the walls after all. I acted as cool as I could and little does anyone know that I was actually dyeing my hair the night before, way after midnight and took the damn cake out of the over around 6… A.M.!!
I was stressed about the cake, because with my “luck” I manage to fuck everything up at the last moment (totally unintentionally). My mom had woken up and helped me with the cake and with words “this is NO time for a person to bake a cake” she went downstairs and back to bed. I finished the cake and went to bed also. Luckily I got two of my friends to help me with the arrangements on the day a few hours of the party. One of them took care of the punch and I had given him open hands.

After getting all the food done and after getting properly dressed I could join the guests. We talked, ate and laughed.

I could’ve decorated it somehow but it didn’t occur to me in the hurry. But it tasted good, that’s better than a prettiest cake on earth that doesn’t taste very good?

I'd asked everyone to bring a few DVD’s (oh yes, I'm ancient) with them so we could watch a movie. We watched “The Bounty Hunter” and ate cake. After the movie we did our bravura and sang karaoke.  Hell yeah!!

The whole day repaid all the stress and after all I felt so very relieved and happy I had decided to do this. Because otherwise I would not have known what I would have missed. After so long I felt so beautiful and not forgotten by people and after everyone had left and after I washed my makeup off, I went to bed tired but feeling so good in a long time.

 Looking surprisingly sharp at that hour and as feeling prettier than a long time I wanted to have a proper photo taken from me to remember.

The table. That biggest piece of cake is (obviously) mine...

The punch. At first it didn’t seem like it was dwindling but suddenly as the night went on it felt like “where have all the punch disappeared?”

Elisa made a beautiful braid and I kept it on as long as I could and I felt sad to open such a pretty braid before I went to sleep. Note: I was looking through the old photos and realized that on 2007 at my birthday I was made a similar braid. Pretty cool... But the one Elisa made was actually way better.

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