April 26, 2012

Moving in Progress

On Monday I started to empty my two display cases and even they are “just” two display cases I knew it will take more time I imagined. It was shocking how much things and other shit was in there, although it has been eight years of storing so I guess there could be more... five full boxes was filled before I could see the empty shelves again. But it was apparently one of those places I had most of my things so it was a great thing to get them emptied. There was so much work to do and realizing how behind I was I got extremely anxious and I had one of many of those moments where I had serious doubts of am I going to get the job done. And the clock is ticking, Wednesday was just around the corner and I felt I was falling behind too much...

The cats seem to be more tired than we even they didn’t really do anything but they were so very excited about it all and explored the things that were happening diving in the boxes and almost seeing those piles as a Wonderland.

On Sunday there was a lot to do but luckily we watched the movie “Holiday” and it was so wonderful and left a very good feeling and gave strength for the coming week to come since we knew the first days would be more than hectic. We had actually tried to lighten up the whole weekend by watching movies – and so far it had worked well. It has always been my escape.

We were so back with the schedule so luckily on Tuesday we got people come to help with the packing. I worked with my closets and I was shocked how much shit was in every drawer and shelf I touched. I know that going through the papers etc. took more time than needed but I somehow managed to get everything ready in my room for the next day when the moving men would come and carry out the boxes.

So, then came Wednesday. The day was the most beautiful for moving, sun was shining and sky was blue with only a few fluffy clouds. The moving truck came and the same people were helping us to carry everything out from the house who were helped us packing our things a day before. The help was more than needed! It took about two hours to get almost everything on that truck – the rest stuff that didn’t go into the truck will be brought on Saturday.

We drove to the new home as the moving truck came behind us. They started to bring stuff upstairs as me and my mom received them at the door and the house started to fill up pretty fast. This house is smaller than the last one and didn’t have two stories but with a little creativity we made everything fit and we will make this a gorgeous home. The moving boxes were put on the truck first so now they were last. As they carried and carried them inside I got anxious how the space will be enough and how much more boxes there will be. We tried to unpack some of them at the same time. As the last boxes finally came and the people left we were standing inside tall piles of grey moving boxes. We took a couple of breaths before we continued unpacking the boxes. The stuff seemed to gather up but the boxes didn't seem to lessen. We knew we would have a hell of a job unpacking the boxes as much as it was a hell of a job to get them inside the boxes.

On the coming days as we will continue the moving process, but box by box we will get this moving through and start to settle in in our new home. I'm doing it all the time but as the final box is empty I can do it 100%. After the moving men left we drove back to get the cats and something ready-made food for we were tired and exhausted for the day and didn’t even know what to do for food ourselves and we haven’t unpacked the right boxes yet (or where those even were) to get everything one might need in kitchen to make food. So we got pizzas – something people can always rely on when wanting good food and fast. The day had been so hectic that we haven’t even notice how hungry we were.

Vegetable pizza (with fresh champignons, tomato, red jalapenos, pickled onions, tomato sauce, herb salad, and lemon vinaigrette)

We got the cats to the house and they started to explore the new surroundings. And I was so nervous on how they would fit in and how they would take the new situation. It’s kind of frustrating not being able to explain the situation to cats – I mean, I would also be confused as fuck if I would be put in a room while people are making noises carrying everything out of the house, and then being let out to an empty house and then after being alone for a few hours being taken in a new place with new smells and everything. I hoped the same comfortable furniture and stuff would help cats to settle in, even the surroundings are new and weird. The cats were confused to say the least! They walked from room to room again and again. I have never seen our third cat so anxious, she was breathing fast, meowing anxiously and following us wherever we went. I have never seen her panting before and now she couldn’t seem to relax at all. She wandered around the house unable to go to sleep, meowing nervously every time I went even close to her, but when I finally found her at the sauna I just let her be in her own peace and get some sleep and calm down a little. This same thing was with all of our cats.

Siru in the sink...

We had built my bed up first so we could still go to sleep in our own beds even the whole house would still a mess and full of boxes. After eating I went to shower and straight to bed. It felt heavenly to fall on my bed tired but satisfied after the day. I had set an alarm so I could help my mom to build her bed but I was so tired I just slept straight till next morning. On the next day the cats were already seemingly calmer and a little bit more settled – as well as I. I believe I will settle down more and more as the time goes by. Yesterday was so hectic that I couldn’t calm down neither. But today was somehow easier – It made a great difference to wake up from here, our new home.

I have taking a lot of photos in these days about the whole moving process and everything. I have thought it would be nice to look at them afterwards and see where we started this and where we have become. And I\ve also started to photograph more and it's something I like to do very much.

Today I started the day unpacking a few boxes just for fun and arranged my closets and clothes in their own places. We go to get a mattress in my room - It’s great how little things like a simple mattress can make a room more comfortable and cozy. I also got a new chair from my dad and it was great, my last chair had been so very non-ergonomic. After we got back home, we build up my mom’s bed before she left back to our previous house to arrange the warehouse, so when she would come there she could sleep this night in her own bed. We also got the internet back online today.

Tomorrow’s project is to get the warehouse of our previous home empty and on Saturday every last thing will be brought here and on Sunday we will clean up the house for the new owners. And then we will continue unpacking boxes and building this house into our new home.

Today and tonight it was raining - but the rain drops were beautiful against the glass.

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