April 16, 2012


I'm so stressed for I'm moving in two weeks. After seeing the new place for the first time a switch turned in my head and that was it. I had been thinking it all the time after that and designing how my room would look. And that's a good thing. It was a big deal for my mom to get my "approval" of the place. It felt like a place to build a home.

My (still) home has been dear for me for these eight past years but as the moving had come closer it has felt harder to "settle down" or seeing this place home anymore as much as before for I'm already picturing the new place and everything related to it. It's like the moving is the next page. I will miss this place but in every good way as possible.

I have been looking through old photos I’ve taken while living here. And it’s kind of amazing how keen you can get to your surroundings outside the home. While walking by these streets and paths I’ve grown to like them so much. This one place near the water is my favourite place on this earth... Especially in winter. 

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