April 30, 2012

Moving Almost Completed & May Day

On Friday my mom was busy with getting the warehouse empty while I was trying to be helpful, packing some of the stuff upstairs. I wasn't that much of a help for there wasn’t anything much for me to do anymore so my mom dropped me home and went back. On Saturday my mom did a looong 13 hour day back on our previous home on her own. On Sunday my mom got everything still together and out of the house while I cleaned it up starting from upstairs, vacuuming every corner and washing the floor. It took surprisingly more time and we got to get out of there twelve o’clock at night. My mom went back to melt the freezers but they were way too frozen up and full of ice. She got back 4 a.m. at the morning and went to sleep for she had a work day next day.

On Monday we finally got every last stuff out of the house and it was finally completely empty. I continued emptying the other freezer which was finally melted. I also took final photos of every room which were now empty to look afterwards. It was May Day so Koskenranta (a park near Tammerkoski river) was absolutely crowded with teens drinking and... well, drinking. I was asked by my friends to come there and spend the rest of evening there but this was still a moving day and it came a bit suddenly so I couldn’t go there. First I felt bad for not going but however, I did go by that place and saw the craziest crowd of drunken and puking teens I’ve ever seen and that wasn’t a place for me after all – or a person with anxiety or panic disorder overall.

So, like first planned, the rest of the night and my May Day celebration was at home with my mom and cats being overly satisfied for the moving was “officially” over and only the rest of these grey moving boxes to be unpacked. The night included good drinks and cats in pizza boxes – not staining myself in overcrowded lawn with puking teens.

They decorate the four statues on the bridge next to city centre days before May Day:

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