June 5, 2012

Self-Esteem and Skirts

There were a long time when I didn't use skirts at all - it was just somehow easier to put on a pair of pants. I like black jeans with high heels but the way I used then normally with regular shoes made me look as short as I am. But the summer began to come and I decided to start using skirts maybe a little more again. And it was so much better than just jeans and I wondered why I ever used jeans instead of skirts. I found all my skirts as we were moving and what is kind of remarkable was that I found a dress which fit me well - I never find dresses.

I guess the pants-option were because of my mood which was very down maybe because of the darkness of the winter time and I didn’t feel the need to put that much effort on how I looked. And I kind of grew to that idea that I wasn't pretty enough for using skirts. But I now have found skirts again and I have found my self-esteem again. I feel pretty again.  

To be honest I have not used make up at all. I have not been as dedicated to it as I used to be. It may also be because of my bad timing and I'm always in such a hurry. I like to use make-up but I can’t do it in a hurry. I feel more beautiful when I'm putting it on – not like that's a condition for me to feel pretty. It all kind of flopped during the winter, no one wouldn’t see if I was wearing make-up when it's dark, I can't use high heels on icy roads and the pants-dilemma was just as it was. But I've gladly gotten over it.

I know that sometime it would be easier just put on pair of pants but there's really not that much of a work to put on a skirt and it's really a matter of attitude and I'll try to remember that next time when I'm doubt.

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