October 25, 2013

Seeing The World Through A Lens PART 2

More photos is coming on this post as I had promised on my post “Seeing The World Through A Lens PART 1” – this time they are from my archives since the year 2008... I leafed through the old pictures from years back for my DeviantArt account and felt sharing the best of them with you. I felt such a nostalgic wave rushing over me and I felt good and a little, tiny bit bad. Maybe the old memories – both good and bad – came to the surface. I could write a story from every one of these pictures but I won’t. I’ll let you all make up your own stories what they might have been about. All I say is that the third photo, the close-up photo of the cat’s eyes belonged to my dear Siru and I have and I will always cherish it forever...

And still, if you will, do tell me what you think of my photos. All of these photos can be found from my DeviantArt account – my account is “rebeccabrandt”, where there’s also more photos which I have not posted on my blog.

More photos coming when I manage to take them!

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