April 21, 2014

Easter and Egg Hunts with Cats

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter got to be one of my favorite holidays! Though I’m not into much what it’s really celebrating, I love the free time, feathers and egg hunts with the cats...

First few days went just staying up late and sleeping late... But it was worth it; seeing the first rays of the sun is always priceless. Lara was also watching her territory from the bedroom window and I bet that she also enjoyed the rising sun.

I had thought what to make and bake for Easter quite a long time. I knew I wanted to make a seitan roast and spicy potato wedges along with orange sauce. I didn’t know at all would the orange sauce suit with the seitan but because it seemed a common thing to prepare duck for Easter with orange sauce (and my mom made it also) I thought it might be an exotic thing to try – and it was. My mom did also eat my seitan when it had came from the oven...

I also baked a vegan peach ”cheesecake” from scratch.

My dad had gave us a bottle of red wine which was some kind of “art wine” from 2009 named “Vinos De Arte”. He had gave it to us for last Christmas but we had been saving it until this Easter when we finally opened it. I used to drink more red wine but nowadays I rarely do and I’m kind of picky of what I will drink what comes to wines but this wine was very good! Not that I would have waited it to be bad in any way...

Today was the last day of Easter which was also a holiday out from work to those who work. Today was a lazy day and even I did not sleep that late, I didn’t really have anything special things to do... The food side went towards pizza (like it usually does when we are having a lazy day) – even I did have seitan left (but now it will last longer, hah!)

The rest of the evening has been going well and just relaxing, listening to music and watching the sun go down... I couldn’t have wished for more from this Easter.

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