April 15, 2014

The Fight Against The Bad Days

I have been having a rough time lately and worry about my health. I was at the eye doctor and he said that the optic nerves of my eyes looked anomalous and he made a rapid referral to a central hospital for a follow-up examination. There could be many reasons for that my eyeground looked different, some more severe than others and that got me very worried.

The time went by so slow for I have been worrying so much lately, even I have been trying not to. All the stress and worry got me really down emotionally... So today I went to see an eye doctor to the central hospital. The doctor’s appointment went well – he said the words I needed to hear: “there’s nothing to worry about”. I still need to go to CT scan of my head to make sure everything is okay... After the appointment was over I could breathe for first time in a week for I had been so stressed.

I have been having rough times many times in my life - but who hasn't? The key for me is having to find the ray of light into the pile of twigs. I have had many methods to find that ray, for example, watching movies (that has been a lifesaver for me), writing (another lifesaver), listening to music or surfing in the internet for hours trying to watch funny pictures or videos and these are the top of my list.

Now, I’ll try to stay as positive as I can! That’s really my only option right now.

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