January 27, 2013

21 years

Today was my birthday. On midnight we popped sparkling wine and celebrated that I was 21-year-old. I also got a phone call from my dad who is abroad which was a very nice surprise to hear his voice again. We watched a Finnish movie “Tie Pohjoiseen” (starring Samuli Edelmann and Vesa-Matti Loiri) with my mom and then we went to sleep.

On the next morning I slept late and after I had woken up I started to read. I got breakfast in bed (bread with vegan chorizo, soy yoghurt with muesli, hazelnut coffee and sparkling wine). I read all morning and day and it was heavenly just stay beneath the sheets and read on.

We had gone to buy me a birthday bouquet with a great big white rose and eucalyptus leaves and other leaves and flowers. I put the bouquet in a crystal vase immediately after I got home.

Today’s outfit:

top ~ Vila / bolero ~ Morticia / skirt ~ Morticia / shoes ~ second hand

Today we went to eat in a restaurant. I ordered tofu burger and a cold apple cider.

Later that night I watched “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” and was on computer drinking white wine. My birthday was very relaxed and enjoyable with no hurry whatsoever. I like birthdays like these. I have decided to throw a birthday party next month attempting to get as much people there as possible. It feels good to be 21-year-old – I haven’t really get it yet but in some way I do.

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