January 5, 2013

Moulin Rouge!

Last night I went to see a musical Moulin Rouge to music theatre Palatsi. It was a finnish version starring Sami Uotila and Laura Virtala. We arrived to the about seven o'clock and were escorted in our places, which was a beautiful booth behind the massive hall. I went to powder my nose and while I got back I ran into with one of the dancers and while I admired her beautiful dress she turned to me and wished me a good show. I went back to the booth and we were brought sparkling wine. It was not long until the lights went down and the show started.

In the interval we left the booth to look around the Palatsi and went upstairs to see the whole hall. I've seen the place around briefly but I had never been there watching a show before. It was amazing. We headed back to our booth before the show continued and ordered schnapps' called "The Duke". Shortly the actors came back on stage and the show could continue on.

On the show there were all the great hits from the movie but also music from Kiss, U2, Bon Jovi and Madonna. It was weird to see Moulin Rouge in finnish for I've got so accustomed to the movie. I couldn't help but to compare the show to the movie starring with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. I love the movie so much and though there are certain limitations on stage it was well made. "Roxanne" gets me every time in the movie and also in this musical. Also what's worth waiting are "One Day I'll Fly Away" and "Your Song".

After the great show we went to a music bar next to music theatre Palatsi and downstairs where there were a stand up comedian. We got a glass of white wine and listened it until the end and laughed. After we had finished our drinks we headed home. I untied my corset laces, washed away the make-up and tried to read a book but I was just too tired. I had absolutely an amazing night and I felt blissed to go to bed.

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