January 17, 2013

Red is like you always told me

It was time to dye my hair again. It has again been a long while since I last dyed it but better late than never, I guess.

Last time I used "Paintbox Red Chilli" but this time it was way more expensive than last time I bought it. Also Stargazer’s “Rouge" what I used beside "Paintbox" was also very expensive (at least for my wallet). So I had to find some new hair dye brand which would suit my wallet. I asked a friend what she had used to dye her hair red before and decided to try LaRiche Directions hair colours (which had been on my mind before I last bought "Paintbox" brand). And the good news was that they are not tested on animals! And also I read it lasts a year after it's opened.

I was bouncing between "Poppy Red" and "Pillarbox Red" and heard the second one is more like a pink which fascinated me for I have never liked that my hair fades to orange but being based on what I had heard and on the photos of the users had put on internet it was too pink for me so I decided to buy "Poppy Red". I heard it fades to orange but isn't orangy red but in fact bright red. And obviously size matters (at least what comes to hair dyes) for "Paintbox Red Chilli" was only 75 ml and LaRiche Directions dyes are 88 ml. It is obvious that you need more than just one package of dye for longer hair but last time I also had to buy third package (Stargazer’s “Rouge") beside two "Paintbox Red Chilli" packages just in case and had to use half of it.

This time I first bought two packages of dye but decided to buy a third one just in case. I still had a half a package of Stargazer’s “Rouge" color and I sent a message to them asking is the dye still ok even if it’s opened and they answered that if it’s still tightly closed it’s ok. So I was going to use that first and then my other hair dyes. And it doesn’t matter if there’s anything left off for after all it lasts a year after it’s opened. I still got another package of Stargazer’s “Rouge" just in case for Directions cans looked so small and I had no time to order them some more.

I’ve been buying the same bleach for a long time since I’ve been proven that it’s good. I remember standing in front of a wall of bleaches trying to pick one before I found the one I’m using now. I bleached my hair a few days ago, I just like to wait a couple of days after bleaching and before dyeing my hair.

I first used the one and a half of Stargazer’s “Rouge" hair dye before adding LaRiche Directions “Poppy Red”. I was so surprised how sufficient it was and only had to use one and about half cans out of three. Applying it evenly to my hair took me about an hour and a half and then I waited for half an hour before I washed it off. The result was what I hoped it would be and I was overjoyed. After the shower the shower sponge was red, the tiles were red and if I would use white towel or pillow case they would be red too.

So life as a redhead is much more nice than a bunch of faded orange hair with oh so sexy roots. My self-esteem gets an amazing boost with red hair and it gives me the “street credibility” I need.

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