January 11, 2013

Finding The Spark

I've been found the spark for drawing and paintng again. It started in one evening when I decided to take a pencil in my hand and see what happens. I sketched a woman and it just popped in my head that I should do mental illnesses with a woman figure describing how they might feel - I don't know from all of them how they really feel, I can only imagine. The first one I sketched was "schizophrenia". And it was an interesting journey trying to think how every mentall illness might feel and deciding how to draw them. I made eight of them, still one missing and the last one I made so far was "anorexia" - I don't know if it's a mental illness but an illness whatsoever. Mental illnesses are a hard subject but I somehow got into it and just kept going.

 I went and bought some canvas', acrylic paints and carbon paper. I first sketched a woman and then drawed it clear to another paper and then I traced it to a canvas with a carbon paper. And then I just started to paint.

I needed to go and buy some new brushes even I had started to paint already and stumbled across that so many of the brushes are made either from pig mane, ox hair or pony hair and as a vegan I would not use anything which is came from an animal. Luckily I found some synthetic brushes by Reeves.

I have also taken out my violin again in hoping to get to play it. I tried to look up courses of study for violin, piano and singing but they were all full so now I'm on the waiting list but propably have to look for someplace else. Hopefully I will find one.

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