January 20, 2013

Back to Hell(sinki)

On this weekend we went to Helsinki again. We went to see my brother and spend some quality time. This time we took cats with us also. The trip to Helsinki felt long for the cats were so stressed I was even stressed for them. But when we finally arrived to Helsinki we took them first to the hotel.

The cats really enjoyed being at the hotel like always once they've settled in first. It was a cute thing to watch them searching the room throughout and then finding a spot to go to sleep.

On our first night in Helsinki we met and went to eat with my brother. I ordered vegetable burrito and strawberry margarita like I always do.

After food we retreated to our hotel room to drink a glass of wine and talk. Then my brother left to his home and we went to sleep.

On the next day we went to breakfast and then went back to bed. After we had woken up I put on my make-up and we went shopping. Again I lost my heart for some new clothes (more on them later). After that I had to get a cup of coffee to wake up. We then left to pick up my brother and we headed to Ikea to get him some new stuff. We were on a tight schedule and I learned it is possible to go through Ikea about an hour and survive from there alive. Phew!

After that we went to my brother’s place through a grocery shop and bought everything needed for the night and in general. We went to get some thai food and went to my brother’s apartment. I was left there and we started to watch a movie and drink wine. I pet my brother’s cats who were coming more and more curious and brave by the passing moments.

We watched the movie “Ted” and it was hilarious. After the movie we started to get ourselves ready for a night out.

We went to a near bar and ordered drinks. A little J√§germeister and cranberry long drink for me…

The billiards table was occupied so we played “four-in-a-row” (I don’t really know what it’s called). My brother said he has never lost to anyone but first time for everything… ;)

We drank until the light signal and then we left. I was enough in my cups so we headed home and I went straight to bed. On the next morning I woke up quite early and couldn’t fall back to sleep again. I just layed in the bed not enough refreshed to get up yet. After my brother had woken up he made a cup of coffee for me and we listened to violinist Lindsey Stirling and Finnish rap – what a combination!

After that we got ready, I ate the rest of my thai food from yesterday in bed and got everything ready. We went to the bar we had been last night to play pool and I met my brother’s friends. Soon my mother called that everything was ready and she would pick me up. We almost finished the pool match and decided that I won and then my brother escorted me back to his courtyard where my mother waited. We said goodbye and hugged and then we left back to Tampere.

The rest of the journey went so much better this time for we let the cats out of their carrying boxes for the trip and they packed up to the back window of the car. They didn’t meow as much and they were much more calmer and could even sleep. The trip to Tampere went very well and felt like an hour though it was two. First we got the cats inside and then the rest of the stuff. I always first unpack my things when I get home and then I can relax. The trip we
nt so well and I can’t wait to go to Helsinki next time!


My brother gave me a set of beauty products from eyeshadow primer to nail polish. The nail polishes are both by Mavala and the pink shade is “56 Riga” and the clear one is “Top Coat Fixator”.

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