October 15, 2013

Shopping & Selling

I have been shopping a lot lately. It has been like therapy and made me happier (because I’m already happy). For the cold Autumn days I found this black poncho and what’s the best thing: it’s 100% acryl, not wool.

One day I was in the city in one interview thing and I had time to go around and this shoe shop’s display window caught my eye for there was beautiful shoes and I decided to go inside instead of just window shopping. I have been looking for good winter shoes and after looking around the shop I found a pair of perfect shoes with good rough bottoms for icy roads but still a little heel. And they are synthetic material all the way, no leather in them what-so-ever – just as a pair of shoes need to be!

My mom told me she had had gone around the internet stores one day and she had found one of the most beautiful handbag I’ve ever seen. When it finally arrived, it was beautifully wrapped in cream satin string tied in a bow. I love its details, especially the brass knuckles handle. I love the Union Jack Pattern made with studs and the handbag is actually made in London - oh, how I wish to go there one day! I was there last time when I was only a child... 

And then my guilty pleasure – if you don’t already guess – yes, movies. 12 of them. The mailman finally brought the rest of them a few days back. He actually got the whole box through the mail slot even the inner door was closed. 

I am on a mission to replace the most of my DVD’s with Blu-rays (if not all), when I find one with a good price (I rarely buy them with the original price). Here’s what I have got lately (the second row is my favourite): 

Instead I’m now selling my flawless and unscratched DVD’s and a few Blu-rays (couple of them are still in plastic wraps) away to make room for the new Blu-rays. The pile has just getting taller and taller... 

Today’s outfit and simple makeup: 

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