October 6, 2013

Tampere's Art Fair 2013

* very picture heavy post *

Today we went to “Tampere's Art Fair” with my mom. The Art Fair was at Pirkkahalli which is only about 5 minutes ride from where we live. My dad had gave us the tickets to the fair and we were very excited about going there. It was three days long from Friday to Sunday and my dad was there at one of the stands on Saturday and Sunday so we decided to go there on Sunday. The fair consist of three parts; thriving at home career fair called "Kotivisio" where my dad was and it was at A-hall, Tampere's Art Fair at D-hall and buying and selling event of collectible items.

We went to the thriving at home career fair first and to say hello to my dad. We had reserved two hours to go round all three parts of the art fair. We wandered about the stands and filled up raffle coupons and made finds. We saw immediately which stands would please our eye and caught our interest.

I liked this lanterns text: “Believe in yourself. Look next to you. Remember your dreams. Look for love. Face your fears. Know you are alive.” (it’s in Finnish on the lantern itself). It would have been a nice purchase but was a bit too expensive.

After we had looked around the stands and made a few purchases we then headed to The Art Fair itself.

The first thing which caught my eye was this amazing photograph by Petri Nuutinen, and it was put under a glass. I thought it shape – not the boring square – made it even more interesting.

The next thing was these artworks by Timo Sälekivi. They were dark but still somehow that was why they caught my interest. The characters in the paintings reminded me of the Plague Doctor’s of Victorian England and ravens, which I absolutely love. I would like to either one of these some day in my own home – my mom protested, heh. 

These two gorgeous paintings were by Sanna-Kaisa Niemi. I would like to have both of these also... 

There were a gallery of Jukka Rintala. I’ve never really got into his work before but this gorgeous black dress would be a dream come true to have. And I really loved his designs drawn on paper – especially those three black ones, of course. 

This artist I don’t really know but his works caught my eye for they were just made and were still wet. If I understood correctly this artist showed live on the screen how he makes his paintings. It was very interesting to follow his work.

And guess what we found next? Oh yeah, a wine bar! There was a bouncy man who suggested wines to us. We ended up having a sparkling wine called “Morando” and it blew my mind – it was good!

After our moment of relaxing with a glass of sparkling wine, we headed to see the rest of the galleries. I heard someone playing cello just like last year and it suited so well with the artwork. 

This big beautiful painting was made by Johanna Oras. It mesmerized me how beautifully and really alive-like she had managed to paint the glass and the grapes and the fruits. I wish I could paint like that.

On the other end of the hall there were interior decorating side where there were rooms decorated beautifully. When I wondered where my mom had gone I saw that she was already there – I somehow knew that the interior decorating would suck her in. I followed her for there were chandeliers and beautiful ensembles.

I would like to curl up to that chair in the corner with a glass of wine and a good book. I gathered ideas from the ensembles then when I will move out one day I would have an exact idea in my head what I would want from my home – it’s still just playing with the idea of my own home but someday it is true. Maybe in a couple of years, I have planned...

This was lovely – the champagne cooler was beautiful but way too pricy. After filling in few more raffle coupons the clock was 5 already and it was time to leave – two hours was an absolute minimum we needed but more time would have been a nice thing, I just didn’t realize how fast the time goes by in a fair like this. Well, we would be wiser now for the next year.

After a quick stop at the grocery store (our record time, I dare to say) and we headed home. I enjoy the sunny Autumn days so much I can’t even put it into words. As we had left today I had seen a line of trees filled with golden yellow leaves and I just had to take a picture to catch the sight.

And here’s what I purchased from the Art Fair:

I fell in love with the white frame and even it has a pretty picture of butterflies, I knew exactly what picture I would put in in before I even bought it to myself. Picture of that later... 

This is my new favourite necklace! When it caught my eye I had to buy it and put it on immediately. I have been watching it all day long, how pretty it is. I love the text in it.

I love lace and when I saw a bowl of monograms I was already there. I happened to find the first letter of my name and it was only 3 euros so I bought it. We already left the stand but when I managed to talk my mother over to get herself a monogram too, we went back there – we happened to find her name’s first letter too. Now only the imagination is the limit what we could do with them!

At the stand there was this painting which I think had a great text but still it didn’t leave home with me. I’m not suitable age group yet – I’m still at the “young & crazy” mode.

I love being more cultural and go to the fairs like this today, for example. And with a good company it’s even better! We have talked with my mom that this is exactly what we should do; go to fairs and exhibitions and to theaters and such. Sounds good to me! I had a great day today... A really good day.

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