October 5, 2013

“The Hangover Part III” Review

* this review doesn’t give you any more spoilers than the trailers *

This time I'm reviewing "The Hangover Part III". Sorry I couldn't review this movie earlier for it never came to the Finnish movie theaters - or then I truly missed it ever did, if it did. Now it's on Blu-ray and DVD I could watch it.

I had high expectations for this movie. I liked the first one a lot, the second one I didn't like and I had to watch three trailers of this third (and apparently final) movie to convince myself to watch it. I expected it to be funny - If not as funny as the first one but at least funny. The movie opening was kind of depressing than funny – I, at least, didn't find it funny. So my mood and expectations got lower and I expected it would be the same feeling than after seeing the second movie of this trilogy. But the movie had its ups and downs - basically about 20 percent of it is funny but the rest 80 percent, not that much. A few times makes you smile but you don’t really laugh during this movie. And I feel that I couldn't really get into the movie – that’s a shame. I just waited it to get really funny…

And now we are not even talking about a hangover, no one in this movie is having a hangover. The plot is as follows: after an intervention Phil, Stu and Doug decides to get Alan to get treatment to Arizona for he has been off his meds for six months. The trip doesn’t go as planned. A gangster named Marshall kidnaps Doug, for he wants to catch Mr. Chow, who has stolen 21 million dollars worth of gold from him and has escaped from prison. Now Phil, Stu and Alan needs to track Mr. Chow and get him and the gold to Marshall in three days or else he will kill Doug. And now the rest of the “Wolf Pack” members need to go back to Las Vegas where it all began. This makes this movie an excessively violent action comedy rather than a sequel to a wet night in Vegas and how to deal with it afterwards. That’s why this should not be a PG-12 movie (in Finland) but rather PG-15.

The movie got a tiny bit funnier towards the end but not enough. It ended well enough and I was happy with that BUT they had to ruin it with a short clip after the ending credits’ cast section. Oh hell no! It wasn’t funny! It was very disturbing – if you don’t want to ruin the feeling which you will be feeling after the movie BEFORE the ending credits, do not watch the clip! This movie was like a very bad rip off from the first movie without the hangover part and all… But without the funny parts. After watching this movie I felt like I could have used my 100 minutes to something better – like watching a good and actually funny movie instead. I first thought it would be okay if I would watch this for the second time and maybe it would then actually be funny but no, it won’t. I’ve seen this movie once and that was quite enough. It was better than the second one but that’s not a compliment - it was still bad. I will not buy this one in to my Blu-ray & DVD collection... No.

Director: Todd Phillips
Actors: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong and John Goodman
Genre: Comedy
Premiere: this movie never came up to the theaters in Finland
Length: 100 min
PG-12 (in Finland)


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