December 24, 2012

It's Christmas!

Oh, It's Christmas Eve!!

Like every Christmas, I like to "split" the Christmas: I go to my dad first and the I go to my mom. Like last year I went to my dad the day before Christmas Eve and stood there over night. I went to sleep quite early and woke up earlier than in a long time. I watched "Santa Claus Hotline" where kids can call and sing and talk with Santa. I laughed so hard.

On every year there's one program in particular which I wait the most, "The Snowman" - we decided to watch it later for it's a tradition to watch it together, but I couldn't help myself and watched it a little bit...

I called my twin brother and friends to wish them merry Christmas and asking how they are doing. We went for a walk with my dad and talked about everything. We had gotten the newest Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" and we were supposed to watch together but for some reason the damn DVD didn't work at all so we resort to a good nature documentary for the rest of the time. I went home by six and we started to prepare food right away and I opened my first present of the day...

For starters I had a bread with "sour cream" and fake fish roe made from sea weed. Ah, so good!

For the main course we had carrot casserole, sweetened potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, mixed beetroot salad, peas, seitan "ham". On this Christmas we introduces ourselves to a Rutabaga casserole again and really go into the mixed beetroot salad, which last year was only just plain beetroot. We were supposed to do Mushroom salad but we just didn't had enough time to do it on Christmas Eve.

Like every Christmas gifts are not important. It's still always nice to get them and this year I got only the ones I really wanted and a little bit more. I opened my presents slowly and waited an hour to open the next one to make them last longer. The few things I got and liked the best were a black tea pot (which I've been looking for for over 4 years), a bottle of red wine with a beautigul necklace (which I held on me all night) and good headphones (for I've been trying to look for them for a long time also). But every gift is equally precious to me.

I always want Christmas to be good! It started out splendid but then I heard some sad and unfortunate news on the very day but didn't want to let it ruin my day which I have been (and always will be) waiting for the whole year. The Christmas went very well but it felt that the hours didn't last as long as they should even I was woken up on early morning. But in conclusion the Christmas went well and I'm already looking forward to next Christmas - and now the New Year's Eve!


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