December 15, 2012

Hockey & Movies with Good Company

I've been trying to do more and see more people more often. That has been my goal. Even if some days earlier a doubt has struck me and I'm bouncing whether to go see or do something or not. But usually when I just go and do it it's always (oh) so rewarding.

For example I went to see a hockey match with my dad a week ago. It was Tappara vs. TPS and Tappara won 3-1. We went to one drink before the game and when the game started, we cheered when Tappara scored goals.

I went to see my friend yesterday so we could see before Christmas for he would be out of town then. We talked, watched “Sherlock Holmes” and “Casino Royale” and played “Assasin’s Creed II” and “Skyrim”. The night prolonged in the early morning until he took me home. We had a wonderful day. Later that night I still watched a movie “It's Kind of a Funny Story”. I’ve been medicating myself with movies again…

I’m going to have more of these events and for example I’m going to Helsinki soon and to “The 69 Eyes” gig with my friend next Friday.

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