December 6, 2012

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

Which means happy Finland's Independence Day.

What has already become a tradition, on every year we go to ”Patriotic Festivities” (Isänmaallinen juhla) at Tampere-talo. It's a day earlier than Finland's Independence Day. I’ve been there on many years. There were choir group ”Mieskuoro Laulajat” and with them were “Eagles Brass Band” (”Kotkien puhallinorkesteri”). My own father and godfather are on the choir.

I started to get myself ready too late and in the end I was in such a hurry. We left in a hurry and I was really anxious in the car. We got there right on time and I got to see my dad before the show and we drank champagne.

”Mieskuoro Laulajat”

Senior choir group ”Seniorikuoro Konkelot”

Then the show was about to start and we went to sit right in front of the stage, in the middle of the row. First there were only the “Eagles Brass Band” and then came ”Mieskuoro Laulajat”. At the end came senior choir group ”Seniorikuoro Konkelot”. The show was exellent. The song ”Finlandia” is always breathtaking and sends chills all the way to the back of my neck. It is so important to me on Finland's Independence Day and I always wait it the most. When it came I just closed my eyes and listened. At the end of the concert we all stand up and sing the Finnish national anthem, “Maamme”.

So, today was the Independence Day. We made food and like every year, we were watching the "Castle Ball” (Finnish: “Linnan juhlat”), the Presidential Independence Day which is held for approximately 2000 invited guests at the Presidential Palace. On this year it was particulary interesting to see the Ball for this was the first time our new president, Sauli Niinistö, would host them and it has been on the news also what he would do there. We ate and commented the gowns the guests were wearing.

Roasted vegetables, seitan steak and pepper sauce.

Like on every year the movie "The Unknown Soldier" (Finnish: "Tuntematon sotilas") is broadcasted on TV. I heard that this time some idiot has complained that it is show on TV at time when kids are watching and because the movie is centred around war it is not suitable for kids. It is a tradition that the movie is shown particulary on Finland's Independence Day and if someone doesn't want their kids to see it take the remote away - It's that simple! Dear concerned parents: don't ruin our traditions! Thank you.

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