December 22, 2012

It Didn't Happen

So. Apocalypse. It didn’t happen.

I was actually scared about it to be honest. I was more scared earlier but as the date came closer I didn’t really realize it and so I didn’t have the time to get as scared as before. Still I wondered what might happen on that day. Everyone were posting funny pictures on Facebook like they didn’t care and I wished I would feel like them. But still I was a bit scared. I actually thought the earth will split and fire balls would come down from the sky - so silly.

I once read the news that the science men had found another Mayan calendar and it will take up to 7000 years from now. And thought it seemed foolish then to think about the world coming to an end then and I even blogged about it, it now felt somehow more difficult to handle.

The end didn’t come and now I don’t have any date to stress about it. I don’t know when the next “end of the world” is supposed to be coming (even they are foretold all the time) but NOW I will sleep my night much more better...

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