December 21, 2012

The 69 Eyes / 21.12.2012

Today we had a “The 69 Eyes” gig with my friend. We had arranged and got tickets about a month ago and I had waited eagerly to go there.

We had decided to go there just when the doors would open so we don't have to stay in line waiting in the cold air. I put on my makeup and clothes and left (a little bit in a hurry again). We meeted in front of the Pakkahuone and went in, giving our bags and coats in the coat check and headed to the ladies room to powder our noses. Then we went to the bar area and ordered drinks while waiting for the warm-up band which was "Baby Jane". We got to the second row and I was quite pissed off I had forgot my camera at home for we were in such a good place for a great photos. But when I didn't have to take photos I could enjoy the gig 100%. It was nicely loose in the crowd and nobody pushed. We didn't had to wait for long until the warm-up band came and the band was actually really good.

We went to order another drinks and went to second line again. As they took off the Baby Jane posters the 69 Eyes' logo came in sight and it was sure that the next band was sure "The 69 Eyes". There was not a long wait until I already noticed they had came to the stage and started playing. I was on the bar at the moment but hurried next to my friend after noticing they started already playing.

They played songs from their new album "X" and also the good old hits. From the old songs, "Lost Boys", "Perfect Skin" and "Never Say Die" ALWAYS get me. The gig was quite long and oh, so awesome. They left the stage but came back for encore. At the end of the gig we got our coats and went for a cigarette outside and talking about the gig. We didn't have time to wait for the band (and besides, I wouldn't have had my camera anyway) and went straight home. What a great night!!


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