December 30, 2012

New blog layout!

There you go!
A new blog layout.

Winter is dark enough and so I decided to get rid of the old, stuffy and too dark layout and bright it up! So now it's white and clear and the text and pictures really come up in a better way, I think. The blood splatter turned into a moth (which I like) and I still kept the blog pretty much black and white with blood red links to brighten it up. I had also thought of changing the background to a brocade background but I just love stripes so they stood. I also made a signature at the end of every blog entry to come.

I had a bit of problems with the new layout so someone might have seen some absurd and weird layouts in between the old one and the new one if they got in my blog at the moment of madness, heh.

Hope you like it, here's a moth for you!

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