December 26, 2013

Christmas Continues...

I was positively surprised to find out (after 21 years of my life) that Christmas doesn’t end after 24th day!

I had to look this up from the internet! I found that celebration of Christmas starts on 24th of December, on Christmas Eve - however the main Christmas Day a.k.a. the first Christmas Day is on the next day, 25th of December. The day following Christmas Day, 26th of December, is called Boxing Day (and is the second Christmas Day). These both days are official holidays in most European countries. Now I realize what "Merry Christmas & happy holidays" means exactly - I used to think the days after Christmas Eve are just days, when people can stay home and not go to work, but they are actually Christmas. I feel so silly to find this out only now...

So we continued celebrating Christmas. We drank sparkling red wine (yes, it does exists!) and started to set a whole different looking Christmas table than yesterday – this time with crystal and red.

I found this beautiful monogram of the first letter of my name from Tampere's Art Fair which was held on this year's October - I managed to talk my mother over to get herself a monogram too. I thought they would look nice on our Christmas table setting against red, and they did!

We had planned to watch “Holiday” on Christmas but the days had been so full of everything that we hadn’t have the time. Tonight we did had time for a movie but when we saw that “The King's Speech” was coming from the TV (a TV premiere in Finland) we decided to watch it instead.

Before the movie started I started to bake a vegan Christmas spice Bundt cake.

The cake went in the oven and we set the table on the living room full of candles to create a proper movie night atmosphere:

The movie started at 9 p.m. and we caved in to the sofa and started to watch it.

“The King's Speech” is a British historical drama film made in 2010 and directed by Tom Hooper. King George VI (played by Colin Firth) has a stammer, and to cope with that he sees many doctors before his wife (played by Helena Bonham Carter) finds an Australian speech and language therapist Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush). After the difficult seeming start, the men become friends as they work together. After his brother abdicates the throne, the new King relies on Logue to help him make his first wartime radio broadcast on Britain's declaration of war on Germany in 1939.

It was very interesting and good. Before it came a document of the actual George VI, but we recorded it for we didn’t have time to watch it before the movie started. We planned to watch it later...

The Christmas Bundt came out from the oven in the middle of the movie. It was my first spice Bundt cake and needs some fixes to be done so it would be perfect (more dough, for example) – but it was edible.

The company was good, the movie was good, the food was good, everything was good... I’m so glad the Christmas wasn’t over yet.

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