December 10, 2013

Morning Tea & Christmas Concert

I found this tiny tea pot for half a price. It makes just one cup of tea, which in some mornings, is all I need. Today my day started with this:

A cup (or a whole pot) of tea is my kind of remedy for the cold outside. Today was a cold day and the show was whirling into the balcony. Cats asked to go there but the other one stopped at the sill and the other one tried to go outside but ran back inside before I could close the door.

Tonight we went to see Samuli Edelmann’s Christmas concert to Tampere’s church “Tuomiokirkko” with my mom. She had bought the tickets right when they had came available, for last year we missed Samuli Edelmann’s Christmas concert – we heard later that there was still tickets for sale at the doors, but we didn’t know it at the time...

The doors opened 6:15 p.m. and we decided to go there 6:30, thinking that would be early enough to get good places. We were wrong! The line was so long it went through the whole church’s courtyard and around the corner of the hedge and to the sidewalk. We hurried to the end of the line for there was people gathering in the line behind us all the time.

The line went on quite fast considering how long it was. We went inside the church from the side door and after seeing the downstairs was full we went upstairs, but after seeing the benches were almost full we were standing next to the handrail, seeing well down to the stage.

The concert was supposed to start at 7 o’clock but it started 10 minutes late. The concert was opened with “Ave Maria”. Samuli first sang Christmas songs including “Avaruus” (Finnish version of the song “Walking In The Air”), “Hiljaisuuden valo”, “Sielläkin on joulu” and “Joulun rauhaa”. I liked “Sielläkin on joulu” and “Avaruus” very much.

The songs were so well performed they gave me chills. Samuli was singing with a female vocalist and violinist and introduced the members of the band between the songs.

Then he started to sing psalms including “Ken tahtoo käydä Herran askelissa” and “Suutari ja vieras”. In between psalms he sang ”Varpunen jouluaamuna” which I was waiting. 

They left the stage after an hour of playing and people started to get up and leave from upstairs, but they didn’t realize that of course they will come back and play more. They did and everyone took their places again. They played about half an hour, bowed while people clapped their hands standing up and left. We waited with my mom until people had left the church so we would not get caught in the mass of people who were all trying to leave at the same time.

I love live music. It gives you a whole different experience entirely than just listening a CD. I have to say that Samuli Edelmann's songs were so much better live than on his album (even they are good too). There’s nothing wrong with psalms and they do belong in Christmas, but I was kind of hoping that there would have been more Christmas songs. Never mind, the concert was so great and tuned me into the Christmas even more! I’m so glad we went there!

After we got out of the church we were starving so we got pizzas on our way home.

Now I’m listening Samuli Edelmann’s Christmas album “Hiljaisuuden valo - Joululauluja” thinking back to the concert and the whole day which has been so great. I love Christmas time...

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