December 20, 2013

Towards Christmas

Oh my gosh I can not believe it’s Christmas in four days – four days!

It had been on my mind to go to Tampere’s Christmas Market (“Joulutori”) for since it started at the town center on 5th of December. We kind of gone there on the last days for the last day it’s still on is 22nd of December, so it was about for us to go there!

Tampere’s city hall was also beautifully illuminated:

My stress over Christmas started and ended today. Today we did the final Christmas shoppings – both on the shops and the Christmas Market. We were on the go for almost four and a half hours and we got the last Christmas presents and a Christmas tree and ornaments and decorations and all. We got some of the groceries for Christmas foods but we would get the rest of the groceries later...

After we finally got home and finally got everything inside we could relax. We started to listen Christmas songs, while drinking mulled wine (or glogg) and eating gingerbread biscuits. Ah, what a bliss...

When I ask of people what they want for Christmas present and they answer “I don’t need anything” it’s kind of a personal challenge for me to figure out what would they actually want or need. Because everyone loves to get a present whether it’s Christmas, birthday or something else and I love to give presents and watch people’s faces to lighten up because they didn’t actually expected anything. I love that.

Later it was time to wrap the Christmas presents inside a glossy red paper. This seems to be a number to my mom for she came to see how I would do it. And I do it rather originally. My mom giggled while watching me working, trying to help me a bit so my presents won’t be disasters. I wrap every present with full passion and love! They may not be pretty when you turn it over and see that amount of tape and wrinkles on the corner of the paper but they are sort of pretty on the top – and after I have given the present I’m long gone when they turn it over and see how it’s wrapped. Okay, maybe I’m not that bad...

My other cat was also watching over me messing with the presents so I nominated her as my authoritative assistant but all she did was just watch me wrapping the presents – if cats could laugh, she would have laughed too, like my mom. But I know it is with love – it’s never mocking. I wrapped up a couple of more presents, but I can’t show pictures of them because otherwise the people who will be getting them would know what they are... 

I will be going to my dad’s home tomorrow for over night because I like to "split" the Christmas between my dad and my mom. In my dad’s words: “we will have fun, eat well and drink responsibly” – sounds good to me!

I had an awesome day even it was kind of full. Now after I have seen all what we had bought and know what will wait for me after I go to my mom after being with my dad (finally decorating the Christmas tree, putting the gifts under it, waiting for the Christmas Eve, etc.) I can not wait! I know this kind of level of expectation can be childish but I do not care! I love Christmas!

p.s. Oh my gosh. I have to post this! While we were on the Christmas Market Santa Claus spotted us. “You look like you have been nice this year”, he said to me and my mom because we were laughing. I know I’m way too old for this but the Santa Claus wanted to take a picture with me. Made my day!

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