December 23, 2013

Vegan at the Christmas Table

A vegan (or a vegetarian) at the Christmas table. We may be all alone at a table full of meat-eaters making jokes and pointing about what's on our plates but that's our own decision what we eat and don't eat!

While the meat-eaters eat ham on Christmas, I have made a seitan "ham" on many Christmas I've been vegan or vegetarian, but this year I thought that I maybe want to do it somehow different. On this Christmas I had planned to make Stuffed Seitan Roast, which probably would be more suitable for Thanksgiving than Christmas, but I didn't mind the idea. I had plans to test it before Christmas but I never did. Instead I decided to do my traditional seitan "ham" which has always succeeded.

It's always somehow stressful trying to think what to eat on Christmas and would the foods work out after spending such a long time making them. I love the traditional Christmas food, casseroles and everything, but it always interests me to do something different... Turning the whole thing having traditional foods over is not my plan, but even we only eat Christmas food once a year, I sometimes find myself thinking what else I could bring to the table.

Still, on this Christmas, I decided to go with the familiar line what comes to Christmas foods and go with that. I have been eating really non-Christmas foods for all month (and all year to be exact) so the Christmas food will taste like new thing for me – after all we have to eat it for several days after the Christmas Eve.

Many people doesn’t seem to know that making casseroles from carrot to sweet potato, you do not need eggs to make them. There are so many recipes on the internet which contains eggs, especially Christmas foods. Hopefully there’s also vegan recipes of making Christmas foods also. I myself have had to learn by trying and failing to make casseroles and seitan “ham” because you’ll learn from your mistakes and I want an absolute perfection of what comes to foods on Christmas!

I have been comparing my plates on these few years I’ve taken a photo of them. They have seemed to be improving by each Christmas – for example mixed beetroot salad used to be just beetroot, yuck.

Here’s my plate from Christmas in 2011:

And here’s my plate from Christmas in 2012: 

On this Christmas one of my goals is to make my plate even better and versatile. I think that a little bit more effort will be enough... I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can start making Christmas foods – vegan of course...

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