December 17, 2013

I Have Flea Market Fever!

I’m having a craving to go to flea markets – both in person and on the internet.

I got a new bag – it was about time for I had used my old bag which is still perfectly functional and all in good shape but it was time for a change. I finally got it from my mom who found it from a flea market and bought it right in front of my nose...

Later, my mom were to the same flea market on her own and found this cameo necklace for me – I know it’s so fake cameo but I like it. It had too long chain that didn’t suit to the cameo at all. So I bought a new, much shorter silver chain to it so I can now use it. I love cameo things from necklaces to ear rings and bookmarks – even if the cameo is real or fake. I still don’t buy the most cheaper looking ones which are screaming they are coming from a mass production and they sure look like it!

I also love all things antique and things that look like antique; keys, frames, vitrines, chairs, tables, and for some reason I really like old antique glass medicine bottles. This one day we were just dropping by at our near flea market and I found an old medicine bottle for only 5 euros – my mom told me that on the internet they can cost dozens of euros. It didn’t have a lit but I bought it right away. Then I really got excited and searched old antique medicine bottles from the internet flea markets. I found a gorgeous one which was a little bigger than what I had just bought and it had a lid. There was still two weeks to bid on it, so I calmed myself and waited until the very end and I was the first bidder and no one bid against me. But like my mom had said, the old medicine bottles were more expensive on the internet. But the medicine bottle I had just bought was worth 30 euros. My mom has spotted old medicine bottles in the window of one antique shop. I then went inside and bought the tiniest bottle with a glass top and then I spotted even more medicine bottle and bought a bigger one with a cork.

Two medicine bottles without labels on the back are from the antique shop. On the front, the one on the left I got from the internet and the one on the right I got from near flea market – they have fancy labels. The other one “Cinchophen” I read was introduced in 1910 and frequently used to treat gout. This drug is still used by veterinarians to treat arthritis in animals but use of this drug in humans ceased in the 1930s due to the discovery that “Cinchophen” can cause serious liver damage. Pretty fascinating... I can’t imagine I have over 100-year-old medicine bottle. The other medicine bottle labeled “Hydrochloret. Chinic.” I have no idea what it has been for or how old it is. But it’s still very cool...

I also found this beautiful candelabrum with red stones hanging from it. I immediately fell for it and it cost only 4 euros so it came home with me. For the first time I saw it, I imagined it with red candles and perfect for Christmas time – I have already used it.

Lately I went to the same flea market for I had a feeling I might find something awesome again and I did. I found this beautiful, white, tiny tea pot which I immediately bought and it was half a price. It makes just one cup of tea. In comparison, I put a teacup next to the pot, so you can see how tiny it is:

To be honest, I’m surfing on the internet flea markets at the moment looking for more beautiful stuff. Is there a cure for flea market fever?


  1. Awwww I have your same illness with flea markets! :D today i'm going to 2 flea markets and tomorrow to another one! there are always so many beautiful things and so cheap ^_^
    It's like a therapy honestly heheh wonderful finds, by the way ^_^

    1. Oh dear, you too? :D Yes! Flea markets are full of cheap, beautiful things just waiting to be bought - I hope you found something. ;)
      It IS like therapy but not as expensive, heh. And thank you! :)


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