December 15, 2013

Purchases for Beauty

I have made some purchases lately from a scarf to make-up, hair products to clothes and to a lot of shoes.

This was a scarf I had to have when I saw its gleaming crystals and studs. I have been using it a lot!

One day I heard there was a sale days in one of the shopping centers I go to and I found myself going shopping unintentionally. With me came these three pair of shoes...

... and I was like:

There was also sale days in one of the shopping centers I go often so I bought make-up, nail polish and hair products from there.

When we were window shopping with my mom, I was sucked in to a local clothing store just to see what was in there. There were a lot of teen rags but I managed to found something for me too.

Pantyhose, pantyhose... A girl can never have too many pantyhose... Especially when I found these pantyhose with little rhinestones on them.

I also found a lace shirt which totally works with a waist corset, but also without it:

I rarely find actual dresses for me for some odd reason I do not know... They are not made for me. But I found this gorgeous lace dress which I at first thought was too long and it was when I was in the fitting room without shoes, but I knew that with high heels it will be perfect. I also really liked the long lace sleeves – I don’t have dresses with long sleeves. It’s still a bit too revealing for the skirt part underneath the lace is quite short and on the waist there’s only a strip of lace which shows skin and I don’t like it so I prefer to use waist corset with this dress and before I can really use it, I need to get a petticoat under the lace also because it’s very electric fabric and is against my pantyhose and look silly.

My mom was asking do I have gloves and I said no and I needed a pair for my hands were freezing outside. Just when I was on the cash desk my mom brought a package with two pairs of gloves – red and black and the black ones had cute ribbons on them. I can always sell the red one’s if I can’t find any use for them, but since I have a red hair I think they might go well with it. 

My mom was putting her wallets on sale while one of them caught my eye and my mom gave it to me - and it's not real leather, which is awesome. It was about time to change my wallet – my current one has been serving me for years! My new wallet needs a new zipper embellishment though. I had to put something on the zipper so I just put a ring with some silver plate on it. I need to get some really pretty zipper embellishment to it.

I got a lot of purchases for beauty but look at these beauties:

My shopping days are not over yet for next I have to go look for presents for my family and friends, a Christmas tree and ornaments to it... I can't wait!

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