December 5, 2013

It's Finally December!

Oh gosh, it’s finally December! A month I’m waiting for all year... The first day of December usually starts my countdown to Christmas which is only 19 days away now. Also it’s kind of wistful that it’s only 26 days left to a start of a new year. I can’t believe we are living the last month of the year 2013!

It was snowing on the last day of November – which (to me) is always a good sign that the December would we snowy and white. At least I hope so...

Getting a Christmas star to our home and to my room had been on our to-do –list for quite some time already, and we had been searching one from the beginning of this week actively. Today we found perfect stars both living room and my room – mine was black of course. We hanged them in front of the windows.

My Christmas star:

I also found a candelabrum some time ago and to me it suited perfectly for the Christmas with its hanging red stones glimmering in the flickering flame of the candles. I will definitely use it around the whole year but I couldn’t have found it more better time than Christmas...

My mother gave me an early pre-Christmas present: a beautiful, big Christmas glass ball with a glass Christmas tree inside of it. There’s light coming from inside the tree. It was absolutely a beautiful gift and I put it on my side table to a safe place so it won’t fall and break up...

We were a bit late buying Christmas calendars. But they were not for us, but for our cats. I decided to buy the calendars, a catnip mouse toy and two cans of the food our cats like as an early Christmas present to them – you know kids can’t wait for presents till Christmas, right?

When the cats smelled the treats through the carton they went nuts and started to argue about who was going to be on the table to investigate the calendars. Pikkunen (Tiny) started to scratch the calendar and got one hatch open by herself – It took more time to get one open even to me! Even the whole calendar was full of the same treat, the cats seemed to like it.

Lara went nuts and rolled on the table dropping the calendars many times: 

Also the catnip toy were an immediate hit: 

I like this kind of cattitude, “If we are cute, can we get more Christmas presents?”: 

They sure did. My mom bought an ultrasoft black and white blanket with stars on it to us but as soon as she put it on the sofa, it was stolen as the cats’ blanket, not ours. We didn’t even had the time to take the price tag off before the cats took the blanket to themselves. 

Earlier today I started Christmas cleaning in my room and little bit in the kitchen and living room. There’s no time to waste, days go by fast and Christmas is almost around the corner already... I can’t wait!

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